Slavko Video Blog Episode 15!

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  1. Since then I’ve endured a smashed finger (nail still hasn’t fully grown back after four months), massive swelling/rash from a bug bite or possibly a poisonous plant and a unexpected knife wound. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to capture the magic of a monstrously swollen lip ever again though. Thank goodness Ben had the wherewithal to stick a camera in my face when I was at my most grotesque. This is really what Uncle Slavko’s American Family Lodge is all about.

    • Andy G.

      We wouldn’t have it any other way, mustache.

  2. Best Slavko video blog to date! Damn that lip was swollen. Danny the troublemaker.

  3. […] and even though that character doesn’t appear in the actual movie, the actor (Jeff Turner) does.  Sit back and enjoy the smooth Chicago accent and crime solving ability that is Ted. […]

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