You Shot On What?

A few weeks before we shot Love In The Time Of Monsters, we were trying to figure out exactly what camera we were going to use.  Obviously we wanted it to be the best camera we could get, but as with most lower budget independent films, we didn't exactly have a ton of money to spend on a top of the line model.  That's when Co-Producer Allison mentioned the Panavision New Filmmaker Program.  If you are a first time feature director and submit a proposal to them, there is a chance you will get a professional grade camera (film or digital) and lens package to use (for a small fee + insurance)!  We were lucky enough to receive a Panavision Genesis, which is a great, professional-grade digital camera, and a very generous lens package to go with it.

What are some of the major motion pictures shot on a Panavision Genesis?  Glad you asked! (From ShotOnWhat):


Captain America!





Immortals is an amazing looking movie-check out this trailer!



Zombieland-Another great horror/comedy that we love.

Zombieland-Another great horror/comedy that we love.


Alice In Wonderland!

Alice In Wonderland!



F42: Starring our very own Doug Jones as the Silver Surfer!


Balls Of Fury!

Balls Of Fury!


Ok, so maybe Balls of Fury doesn't quite match the visual template of the others on this list, but this is pretty much how I felt the day I found out we could shoot on such a awesome camera:



Thanks to Panavision, Love In The Time Of Monsters is going to look even better than we ever could have imagined.  Can't wait to show you the finished product!  In the meantime, stay tuned here on the blog, as well as our facebook, twitter, and youtube feeds for constant updates!


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