The Glamorous World of Indie Filmmaking


As of late, my nights have looked like this.  Sitting in front of my computer, wrestling with After Effects, with a cold glass of Bourbon and the stubbornness to keep moving forward.  It's honestly part of the fun of making an indie feature, wearing different hats and discovering/developing new skills and I will say that I have learned a lot about what goes into even the simplest effect in a movie.  It gives me a new appreciation for the amazing work our VFX team of Justin, Laddie, and Thomas are doing.  Where I dabble, those guys are masters.

But of course, with the breadth of VFX shots in the movie, and our limited budget, some of those effects needed to be done 'in house' (as they say).  Which brings me to my current status of keyboard jockey by night.  It's fun, but I'll be excited when it's off my plate.

And next time I'll know better and leave all this computer effecting to someone else.

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