Have You Seen This Man?


It's Paul Elia!

If you watch Vegas on CBS tonight, you will; our very own Paul Elia Guest Stars on the show!  Paul really kills it in Love In The Time Of Monsters (pun intended?) and I'm sure tonight will be no different, so check it out!  (Word on the street is he plays an Assistant Director on the show-should have some experience with that!) Paul also is an accomplished stand up comedian/guy and you can find him performing live all over the LA area as well.  Follow him on twitter at PaulElia123 for all the updates.

FUN FACT: Paul is in Vegas with Michael Chiklis, who was in Fantastic Four 2 with Doug Jones!  maybe we should start a "Six Degrees of Paul Elia" game?

Our cast totally rocked in LiToM and I'm so happy they keep popping up all over the entertainment world.  Stay tuned to the blog for updates on their appearances, and of course when you can see them in the movie!  You can also find us on facebook and twitter, and watch some behind the scenes footage at youtube.  DO IT

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