Our First Spinoff

Here at the good ship Love In The Time Of Monsters, we're lucky enough to have our very first spinoff show!  Who cares if we're not even done with the film (although we are REEAALY close)?!

It's called "Ted Grabowski" and even though that character doesn't appear in the actual movie, the actor (Jeff Turner) does (not to mention the pilot was directed by his brother/BTS photographer/uncle slavko videos guy Ben Turner).  Sit back and enjoy the smooth Chicago accent and crime solving ability that is Ted. Warning: Contains some bad language! (I think it's going to be an HBO show...)

It's no surprise that Jeff was the creator of our first spinoff, he's pretty obsessed with Cheers and Frasier.  He also is partial to long walks on the beach, and smooth jazz.  Thanks again Jeff!



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  1. I’ve got this blog under surveillance. If I were still on the force, you’d have a modem shoved up yer ayesses by now.

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