Tailor-Made Man

Are you in the UK? Are you a fan of Love In The Time Of Monsters?

Uncle Slavko himself, Mike McShane, is performing in a World Premiere musical called the Tailor-Made Man on London's West End!  When I heard he was playing famous MGM-head Louis B. Mayer, I couldn't wait to see what he did with the role.  Well, the reviews are in and it's no surprise Mike's getting all the attention (from the Guardian no less!):

"the standout performance comes from Mike McShane (left) as Louis B Mayer. Given that Mayer was both a bullying bigot and a man who, in the words of Josef von Sternberg, had sufficient charm "to convince an elephant that it was a kangaroo", I felt he would make an even better subject for a musical"

I smell a sequel! (Read the whole review here) The big question is whether the  "horsemeat" scandal is in any way tied to Uncle Slavko's appearance in Europe?


Check out Tailor-Made Man at the Arts Theatre in London through April 6th. And if you haven't followed LiToM on the internet, you should!  Do it at facebook, twitter and youtube.  So much so to look at, and so much more to come in the next few weeks as we wrap this thing up!!!  Yowza!

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