So What’s Left?

As we get ever-so-close to the finish line with Love In The Time Of Monsters, I've been getting asked this question a lot:

"What's left?"

Great question! Let me break it down for you: Right now we've got a couple different post production activities all happening at once:

Color Timing- Our pals at Alpha Dogs are cranking away on our picture.  Think of color timing as the plastic surgeon of the movie world. They take what was already a nice image and make it look like a million bucks. Basically without this step, the movie wouldn't look like "a movie."  It's like the difference between a low budget TV show and a major motion picture.

Visual Effects- The last few (ridiculously awesome) computer special effects are being inserted into the film. We have to have them all done before color timing can finish, so they can match the real images with the computerized effects. Otherwise they would look fake, like a bad toupee.

Sound- The often forgotten but extremely important piece of the post production process. Darin the sound designer goes through all the dialogue, makes sure it can be understood, adds sound effects (also called foley), and mixes all the music together in one big stew. This way everything sounds as good as it looks-another big difference between amateur and professional films.  Once he's done with the "stew" we take it to a big mix stage and make it ready for a large theater/home surround system/etc. And have I mentioned how awesome Darin is?  I went over to his office the other day, and these babies were on the shelf:

Not one but TWO emmys!

Not one but TWO emmys!

Credits- Last but not least, we are furiously working away at our credits, making sure that everybody gets the credit they deserve. It's quite a wild process tracking down the hundreds of people who helped us along the way. And a little nerve-wracking too; one misspelling and it goes into the movie ether for eternity.  (A film by Matt Jacksorn...whoops!)

All of these activities will be completed around the same time (within the next month) and then we get our very own finished copy of Love In The Time Of Monsters! Can't wait to share it with all of you.

BLOG NOTE: This is our 300th post on the blog.  Wow!  Don't worry, we're just getting started; there's so many more stories to tell as we take LiToM all the way to your local theater/redbox/late night cable station.  Follow us at Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for all the updates!

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