The Official Teaser Trailer!

I hope you're sitting down, because you're about to have your brains melted by our official teaser trailer.  LOOK!

Right?  AUGHL!  I love this teaser so much, it's beyond words.  Mike did a fantastic job putting it together and I think it does a great job of giving a taste of what's in store.

I know we keep saying it, but it's true, things are really heating up in LitToM land right now, so keep following this blog, our facebook, twitter, and/or our Youtube page to keep up-to-date.  Big announcements are right around the corner, don't be the last one to know!

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  1. Patti Stammer

    Think it’s too gory for my little granddaughters to watch. They asked me to ask you if the scene they were in at Babe Blue Ox made the cut. And if not, can they see how they looked on film. Not like you have anything else to do, but they really had fun that day as Karla and Marla as little kids. Love this cut!!

    • Matt

      Of course the girls are still in the movie! And they look awesome!

  2. mike cuthbertson


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