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It's been quite a week at the good-ship Love In The Time Of Monsters ever since we released our first teaser trailer.  If you haven't seen it yet, you should check it out! (Mike did a great job condensing the film into :37 sec, which I didn't think was possible)  We've been fielding a lot of interesting e-mails and calls from Sales Agents, Producer's Reps and Distributors all interested in seeing the complete film.  There has even been some interest from film festivals, which is great, especially because they don't usually come to find you... Lots more news on that front in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, here's a rundown of some of the media coverage the trailer received.  It was fascinating to see how people reacted to such a short and intense trailer.  Lots of "this looks neat but WHHHAAATTT?" kind of reactions.  But I think the teaser did its job: leave them wanting more!

The first review that appeared was from our friends at Ain't It Cool News: "Seems like a fun flick, I'm down - how about you?"

Here are some other highlights:

"Experience Love In The Time Of Monsters With A Dash Of Sasquatchploitation" - Dread Central

"The only thing that could possibly be any better than a band of serial killers roaming the woods killing hot chicks is you guessed it, a band of serial killers roaming the woods killing hot chicks dressed as Bigfoot!!" -

"Love In The Time Of Monsters Trailer Is Bizarrely Awesome" -

"Looks like a very promising horror flick" -

"We will be keeping our eyes on this one" -

"This Is The Craziest Bigfoot Movie Trailer I've Ever Seen" - (this site gets bonus points for claiming "yes, the girls are hot in this movie!")

The craziest thing of all was legendary children's horror author R.L. Stine finding the trailer and re-tweeting it to all his followers! "The trailer looks funny--and scary" How cool is that!?


It's really been exciting watching people respond to the film; after working for so long on it, it's fun to share a piece (albeit small) with the world.  Can't wait for them to see the rest!

There's never been a better time to join us on the interwebs at facebook, twitter, and youtube. Just think, if you'd subscribed to our youtube page, you would have gotten to see the trailer days before anyone else! Do it, or we'll send these guys after you!


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