Dear Old Hollywood Interview

It's been an exciting week here at Love In The Time Of Monsters HQ! First we had Matt's awesome interview with our colorist Sean Stack for the Digital Production Buzz Podcast (listen here if you missed it! Matt comes in just a shade before the 6:00 mark). In addition, I was lucky enough to be interviewed for the Dear Old Hollywood Blog, written by the talented Robby Cress.


I was featured in a segment called "Talking Old Hollywood", where Rob interviews "writers, filmmakers, fellow bloggers, artists, historians, or pretty much anyone who is interested in classic movies will have a chance to highlight projects they are working on, share a little of their background and discuss their interest in old Hollywood and classic movies."  I guess I fit into that category somewhere, and I was honored to participate.  I talked a lot about LiToM and my favorite classic movies to boot. Give it a read here, and let me know what you think!

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