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Hope you all got a chance to go out and get your copy of SCI FI magazine, featuring your favorite horror/comedy Love In The Time Of Monsters!  First of all, I'd like to clarify that contrary to popular belief, that is NOT me on the cover of the magazine:

I was too busy producing to be involved in such a long shoot, obviously.

I was too busy producing to be involved in such a long shoot, obviously.

The article turned out great!  Author Jeff Berkwits did a fantastic job previewing the film with humor and making you really want to see the movie. Here's some highlights from the article:

"Uncle Slavko's House of Horror, Humor, and Heartache"

"Doug Jones had a right to be upset--the minute Meryl Streep announced the Best Actor winner earlier this year at the Academy Awards, the renowned genre star knew his chances of receiving that accolade for his latest film role were nil.  It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize the members of the Academy weren't likely to honor an actor for playing Abraham Lincoln two years in a row."

"For me, there's nothing better than rampaging costumed performers", says (Matt) Jackson. "In fact, that was one of the major drawing points as I read the script. Sure, monsters are awesome, but monsters in costumes? Now that's funny and terrifying!"

Our favorite Paula Rhodes quote made an appearance too: "The world's first...Rom-Zom-Mon-Com"

Another crazy fact about the article is that the feature appearing directly above it covers the TV show Granite Flats, starring our very own Gena Shaw (Marla).  How randomly awesome is that?!  All the more reason to pick up your copy today, available at newsstands everywhere.  Do it!

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