A Very Special Preview

A couple of weeks ago this happened:

And it was pretty awesome.

For those of you not keeping score at home, a couple of weeks ago the LitToM crew travelled to Tucson, AZ for the Arizona Underground Film Festival and a very special sneak preview of our movie.  And it did not disappoint.


Who's got a finger and thumb and is excited? These dudes.

In front of a mostly full theater, filled with a smattering of old friends and a lot of new faces, the movie played great.  It got laughs where it deserved and appropriate silence when things got serious.  Even when there was a small technical glitch involving a smudged bluRay (I'll save the rant about BluRays for later) the audience was engaged and anxious to see how it all ended.

While all that was well and good, the screening was even more special for me as it occurred on my tenth anniversary of moving to Los Angeles.  How perfect is that?  Ten years to the day after moving from Tucson to LA to make movies, I went back to show it off.  It's a perfect narrative arc!

Or at least that's the way I described it to anyone who'd listen.

I'll tell you, there's nothing quite as cool as achieving some crazy goal that you have in life.  I was overwhelmed with excitement, pride, and just general achievement.  It wasn't quite as intense as when we finished that last shot in principle photography, or the insanity that was the cast and crew screening, but it was there and it felt great.

I'm so very grateful to the folks at the Arizona Underground Film Fest for allowing us, and specifically me, to have that experience.

AZUFF Cew Night

Good times with the crew: Rob Overbeck, Rob Gokee, Allison Vanore, Andy Gunn, Mike Skvarla, Matt Jackson, Katrina Reiniers-Jackson, and Donny Daines.

Now it's on to the next one.  Hope to see you there!

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