A Little Morning Hell Yes-ness

Morning, folks!

Mike here, and I'll let you know right off the bat - today's going to be a Big Day for Love in the Time of Monsters.

Team LitToM have been keeping ourselves busy behind the scenes for a while here at Uncle Slavko's, but can now finally share the fruits  of our labor with you.  Each member of TBC Films - that's me, Matt, and Andy - are going to post over the course of the day, each with a different piece of Love in the Time of Monsters awesomeness.  So keep the Uncle Slavko's browser tab open for now, kiddies.  

First off, we're going to kick off the day with a celebratory bang.  A Thünder-bang.  A Thünderdikk bang.

The Dikk

We've known Hollywood sleaze-rockers Thünderdikk for a while now, their shows are always fun, hard-rockin, fist-pumping good times.  We then had the pleasure of using not one or two but three of their songs in Love in the Time of Monsters.  Naturally, since we both like being as awesome as possible, we then joined forces and rocked out a music video that features not only the band performing but also new footage from Love in the Time of Monsters!

Here is LitToM's Official Music Video - this is Thünderdikk, with "Magnum Love" (Sleazy lyrics and slight gore ahead, so watch it in HD, folks!)

The production of this video was indeed as fun as it looked.  However, since we could only shoot for a couple hours I was a bit nervous about getting all the shots we wanted.  But the crew kicked so much ass that at the end of the day we actually walked out with "too much good footage," according to the Editor.  We shot like maniacs,  take after take, setup after setup, but the band never tired - they just kept rocking harder and harder.

We also had the support of dozens of friends who came (dressed as rednecks) and spent a good chunk of their day rocking out to the same song over and over.  The bar location, The Crest, was more than welcoming to us - the owner, Mark, is seriously one of the nicest guys I've ever met.  He was really supportive of what we were doing and bent over backwards to accommodate us.  He also books great bands on a regular basis and has a significantly good taste in beer - seriously, it's all high-ABV Cali microbrew IPAs, barley wines, double scotch ales - double! - farmhouse Belgians and even Flemish F'n Sours.  All on tap.  Mark is legit.

It was even a little Love in the Time of Monsters crew reunion on the set - our Director of Photography was John Manning, who we hired as a local up north when we shot LitToM originally.  Maribel Moreno once again was taking care of hair and makeup, and Jeff Turner jumped back into the PsychoMonkey suit to rock out with a surprisingly quickly-learned drum sequence.  Matt and Andy were there, Allison Vanore, Ben Turner, Erin LeBre, Scotty Fields, it felt great to be working with the old gang again.

crew1 crew2 crew3 crew4

We styled our Official Love in the Time of Monsters Music Video it after classic '80s and '90s movie music videos we saw growing up;  here's Alice Cooper doing the theme to Friday the 13th Part 6, Dokken handling the Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3 side of things, and the legendary Guns N' Roses N' Terminator 2 amazingness.  Did I just not set your day off right or what.

They don't make music videos like those anymore, we feel that kids these days are robbed of that magic.  So, in essence, making this video is our attempt at touching children with our magic.

That's it for the first post of the day, folks!  Check back here at noon, Andy's got some great news to share.

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