And Finally, A Brand New Poster

It's only fitting that we end this big day with a glimpse of our new public face.  Check it out in it's full color glory, our new official poster:


Pretty sweet, right?

To me, it evokes that perfect blend of pulp and general awesomeness that really defines Love in the Time of Monsters.

If it looks a little familiar, that means you're a great fan and I love you.  For those of you new to the party, it's a tweaked version of the flyer we had made for the Music Video Premiere party a few weeks ago.  When we all saw what Derek Zimmerman had done, we knew we had something special and opted to make it official.

It's funny, when I came up with that old poster, I didn't think it'd last as long as it did.  I mean really, it was just a blatant swipe of the Love in the Time of Cholera poster.  It served us well though, and really helped set the stage.  That said, I'm super stoked to drop the old look and bring in this new hotness.

We had lots of discussions, here at TBC, about what exactly the new poster should look like.  Surprisingly, it was very hard to nail down a look.  We were all looking up old posters, throwing out concepts, and generally making a camel out of a horse, if you know what I mean.  Ultimately it was Derek, bereft of the wild ideas who came up with this unifying image that was what all of us wanted, but no one knew how to explain.  And he gave the logo a sweet little tweak to top it off.

I hope y'all enjoy this thing as much as we all do.  Now we just got to figure out a way to get this printed so it can hang in your living room.

We got all kinds of cool stuff happening, so make sure you stay tuned to the Twitter, the Facebook, and/or the youtube to keep abreast of everything.

Also, make sure you check out Derek's website to see even more of his fantastic work.

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