Zombies and Bigfoots At Cinequest, Oh My!

We couldn't be more excited for our World Premiere coming up this Saturday at Cinequest in San Jose!  Join us for the movie, meet the cast and crew, and get some swag signed! Let us know if you're planning on hanging with us at the Premiere or any of our other screenings. You can purchase advance tickets and get more info at this link:

Love In The Time Of Monsters Ticket Link

In related news, a really interesting opportunity has come up from a group called the San Jose Zombie Crawl. Basically they get dressed up in full "zombie" gear and go on a pub crawl through San Jose.  Thanks to Michael Rabehl at Cinequest and Terra the ZC organizer, they are organizing a special crawl to come see Love In The Time Of Monsters this Saturday!

Zombie Crawl!

Zombie Crawl!


Here are the details straight from Terra: "Itching to get your Zombie on?! Join us at Fahrenheit Restaurant & Lounge on Saturday March 8th at 9:30pm for the Cinequest Maverick Meetup in your Zombie or Monster finest! We will then crawl over to Camera 12 for the Midnight World Premiere of Love in the Time of Monsters!! Prizes will be awarded, so come in your best Bigfoot, Zombie or deranged costume! See you there! **MINORS CAN JOIN US AT THE FILM IN COSTUME!!**"


Apparently Zombie Killers Are Also Welcome

Apparently Zombie Killers Are Also Welcome


Beer + Zombies + Love In The Time Of Monsters = awesome! As a bonus, all proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society and the AIDS LifeCycle! How cool is that?!  If you see any big foots, zombies or other monsters wandering around the theater, now you know why!  I wonder if they ever get asked to do the Thriller dance?

Hope to see you all at one of screenings in the upcoming week! In the meantime check our links on the right to join us various social media outlets. See you in a couple days!


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  1. aaronsawyer1

    Huge congrats!

    Aaron Sawyer redtheater.org 773-329-3505

  2. Mike Skvarla


  3. Mill

    Sounds cool! All proceeds from what benefit the American Cancer Society and the AIDS LifeCycle? Movie tickets? Bar sales?

    • Andy G.

      Hi! I would direct that question to Terra on the SJ Zombie Crawl Facebook page.

  4. vanessa stark

    is this a free event? is cinequest charging to see the movie and if so how much???

    • Andy G.

      I believe it’s a discount rate of $5 per ticket, but I would double check with the San Jose Zombie Crawl Facebook Page to make sure.

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