Scenes From Cinequest, Day 1

We arrived yesterday in downtown San Jose for the 24th annual Cinequest Film Festival!    It was a great trip up, and we had fun settling in last night. It's all so close together and well organized! Here's some photos from the trip, etc.

Stay tuned for more as we get ready for the official World Premiere of Love In The Time Of Monsters tonight at Midnight! (Camera 12, screen #10) Don't forget, we've got zombies coming, as well as Q&A, etc. Hope to see you all there! Also, if anybody needs any extra tickets, send us a comment or tweet (@uncleslavko) and we'll get you in FREE!

photo 1

I had everything I needed for the road trip!

photo 2

I think we're ready to party.

Yep, we were.

Yep, we were.


photo 1-1

The Beautiful California Theatre in Downtown San Jose!

photo 2-1

The view from outside of our hotel. Not bad!



Don't forget to check out our pages on Facebooktwitter, and youtube to get pumped up for the screening tonight!





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  1. Ginny

    Best of luck AllisonV. I hope you get terrific feedback!

  2. […] not a sign of a good time, I don’t know what is.  As you could probably tell from Andy‘s great updates, Cinequest has been a bonanza of good times.  Lots of awesome movies, tons […]

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