Ithaca is Gorges and also now has Monsters there too

More good news, everybody - Love in the Time of Monsters is now scheduled for yet another theatrical screening, this time in my hometown of Ithaca, New York.

Through the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival (and with a little love from Cornell Cinema), Love in the Time of Monsters is going to play during a IIFFF-created event, "Fantastic Film Friday", at the always awesome underground theatre, Cinemapolis.  I remember going to Cinemapolis as a kid all the time and seeing some of the best indie cinema ever - The Blair Witch Project was an especially fun night - so we're super proud to have Love in the Time of Monsters make it's way onto their big screen!

Cinemapolis Logo

Love in the Time of Monsters will play one night only - Friday, January 23rd, at 9:30pm.  There will even be a nice Q&A after the screening with yours truly, so make sure to stick around and ask super easy questions.  The date is coming up super soon, so don't wait, get your tickets here!

On a personal note, I'm crazy excited that the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival not only exists, but is going strong in it's 3rd year!  Judging from their past catalogue they are bringing some amazing pieces of cinema to town so it's very exciting to see it grow.

One relevant and funny thing about Ithaca is that it was actually a huge site for film production before Hollywood, CA even got into the game.  During the early 1900s the Wharton Studio shot a ton of silent movies in the area because it looked so darn beautiful.  Then, I think the winters scared everybody away.  But hey, at least they got some pretty great footage of trollies crashing into gorges ...



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