2 Days Out!

We've been going on and on this week about where and how you can buy Love in the Time of Monsters on DVD. We've spotted it on the websites for Best Buy, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, but we also heard people complaining that it wasn't going to ship until sometime in March.  To say I was a bit worried is to understate things.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this in my Facebook feed yesterday:

LitToM Official DVD

Good friend of the movie, and all around great person, Jenny Young got hers in the mail from Amazon yesterday.  Talk about a great Valentine's Day gift!

Man.  SO EXCITING!  What about you, Slavko?  Excited?


That's what I thought!

In other news, here's the still of the day for y'all.  This is one of my favorite shots of the movie as Marla (the crazy talented Gena Shaw) prepares to bash some heads with a true blue piece of Americana: A baseball bat.

LIttom Still - Marla with bat


Who's head is she bashing?  Why is she resorting to violence?  That's something you'll have to find out Tuesday.

In the meantime, come talk to us about your favorite ways to bash someone's head in on The Facebook, The Twitter, or The Youtube.  Lord knows we need something to talk about before the movie hits!

OH! And just in case you missed it, I continued the story of our journey making the movie yesterday.  Check out a rundown of the various scouts we made and how they affected the final film.

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  1. My two DVD’s have been shipped from Barnes and Noble!

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