The Day Before

We're only ONE day away from Love In The Time Of Monsters release armageddon. WOOOOOOO! Are you ready for awesome babes, studly guys, love triangles, and mutant dudes in big foot suits? I HOPE SO, because it's coming for you tomorrow whether you like it or not!

As you longtime blog readers know, it has been an epic journey getting to this point, and Matt has been writing fittingly epic blogs about said journey.  Check out part 1 and part 2 if you missed them; they're definitely worth reading.

It's also fitting that it is Presidents' Day here in the US, as we've got our very own Dr. Lincoln, Doug Jones in the house! Not to mention Michael McShane as Uncle Slavko, who might as well BE a president! Are you guys pumped?


LIttom Still - drunk men

L-R: Dr. Lincoln (Doug Jones), Armando (Danny Vasquez), and Uncle Slavko (Michael McShane) regroup after a looong night.


Huh… well maybe this news will get you more fired up: we got a nice advertisement on the back cover of VideoScope magazine (available at your local newsstand)!



Love In The Time Of Monsters on the back of the Winter 2015 issue of VideoScope magazine.



All respect to Lola's Love Shack, but I think we all know which movie you'll be watching tomorrow 🙂

We even got some love from Asia, which according to my sources translated to something like, "Movie Antenna: the men who were in a Bigfoot costume turns into man eating Zombies!!!"  I like how you're thinking, Japan.  Seriously though, we are working on getting the movie out to all the folks in non-North American countries.  Stay tuned to the blog for more info on that.

ALSO, stay tuned to us on FacebookTwitter, or Youtube for even more up to the minute updates on the release tomorrow. Can't wait to share the movie with you all!


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