The Reviews Are In!

So we are one week into the release of Love In The Time Of Monsters and it has been fascinating to see where it has played and reaction it's been getting.  Like I mentioned last week, the movie is like a child we've been raising is leaving home; Luckily so far most people have been nice to him, and there haven't been too many bullies 🙂

One of the more exciting things that happened is we actually ended up on the iTunes top horror chart! (If you're feeling generous, please go give us a star rating and/or a review on our iTunes page, it really helps us out!)


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We also got some great reviews! The first one came in from Ain't It Cool News:

“LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS is one of the few horror comedies that succeeds in doling out equal parts grisly gore and unconventional laughs.”

"LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS is a film able to mix comedy, horror, fun, and gore in a way that is as rare to find as Bigfoot itself.”

Pretty dang awesome!  But it didn't stop there; the fine folks at modernhorrors had this to say:

“I am absolutely blown away at the production quality that this film shows.”

“Love in the Time of Monsters is a genuinely funny and blood splattered film for the ages. That may sound a bit excessive, but I assure you  – it’s not.”

WOAH, how amazing is that!? I swear we didn't write it ourselves!

It's so cool to see the impressions amongst people watching the movie for the first time. At the end of the day, isn't that why you make a movie in the first place, to have people see it and get a reaction (hopefully positive)? Please keep letting us know when and where you are seeing Love In The Time Of Monsters here on the blog, on Facebook, twitter, or even youtube!

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