One Month In

Personally I can't believe it's been one month since the release of Love In The Time Of Monsters. It's fascinating to watch the random places it pops up and how people have been reacting to it.  So far the responses have been pretty positive, save for a few random internet haters (what did Uncle Slavko ever do to you, anyway? 🙂 ) Nevertheless, I don't think anyone will ever be as excited as Matt Jackson was the day he got the DVD(s):


Director Matt Jackson as excited as you will ever see him.


In related news, the movie is currently ON SALE at Amazon.  It's $9.99 for the digital version and $17.99 for the DVD with all the bells and whistles. There's never been a better time to grab one for you and your friend too!

Here are some other updates from the past month:

We got an awesome (4.5 out of 5 star) review from DreadCentral, one of the leading horror blogs:

“…an incredibly funny, rich, and ultimately entertaining movie with enough heart to keep you hooked till the end. This is a movie you can show at parties, watch with friends, or watch by yourself – all with equally enjoyable results.”

“I don’t see anyone but killjoys and psychopaths having a bad time watching it.”

If that isn't a good review, I don't know what is!  For more reviews, you can always head over to the 'buzz' page on the website.


Producer Andy Gunn, Actors Gena Shaw, Roger Morrissey, Marissa Skell, and Director Matt Jackson celebrate at Bravery Brewing Co.

To celebrate the release, we had a mini-reunion with the cast and crew at Bravery Brewing Co. in Lancaster, CA.  Cast member Roger Morrissey is the head brewer there, and it was a great time! Fun fact: the place is co-owned by R. Lee Ermey, the actor known for playing the Drill Sergeant in Full Metal Jacket as well as Sarge in all three Toy Story films (I sense a pattern here).

Last but not least, we've gone worldwide, and got some more love from lands as far away as Japan:


I'm sure this is good, right?


Thanks for checking out the film and sharing your stories with us along the way. Feel free to keep hitting us up with cool stuff here and on Facebook and twitter, we love it! And if you're feeling frisky, stop on by Amazon, iTunes, or IMDB and give us a star rating; It really helps fight off those aforementioned 'one star' haters.  Thanks!

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