Doug Jones And Cast Signing May 9th @ Dark Delicacies

Are you ready for some Doug Jones Love? Fresh off his appearance as 'Deadbolt' on Arrow (and upcoming appearance on The Flash!),  we are very excited to have him and other cast and crew on hand for the Love In The Time Of Monsters signing event this Saturday May 9th!

Come join us at Dark Delicacies in Burbank starting at 2pm to get your DVD, poster or body part signed! If you're really feeling frisky, we will also have some movie props (Psychoanimals anyone?) on hand if you would like to purchase and get those signed as well.


Don't miss Doug Jones, Andy Gunn, Gena Shaw, Mike Skvarla, Matt Jackson, Marissa Skell and Paula Rhodes!


If you aren't in Southern California, never fear!  You can still purchase a signed DVD at the Dark Delicacies website (click on the top left 'Signings/Events' link)! If you are interested in a Psychoanimal or other prop, please contact us here on the website or on our Facebook/twitter pages. Seeya there!



Here's Doug in full 'hat and beard' as Dr. Lincoln in Love In The Time Of Monsters.



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