Kane Hodder and Doug Jones Interviews!

First off, a quick social media milestone note: We've hit 2,000 likes on Facebook and over 1,000 followers on Twitter! Thanks to everyone out there for paying attention and following our little movie that could. We really appreciate it! Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog:

A couple of our amazing cast members, Kane Hodder (Lou) and Doug Jones (Dr. Lincoln), have been talking about their experiences on the Love In The Time Of Monsters set!


Guess who's in the woods!

You might remember that Kane did an interview with Cult Radio A-Go-Go a little while ago. Well the entire thing is now available in podcast form!  Kane talks about how much he enjoyed making the movie, his fellow actors, and filming up in the redwoods of Northern California. Here it is; it's a very entertaining listen:



Also, the second half of the Doug Jones interview given to VideoScope magazine is on newsstands right now! It's the Summer 2015 issue, and it looks like this:



You can buy it at newsstands throughout the US (including Barnes & Noble) and online here.  Get it before it goes away!

As an added bonus, there is a REVIEW of Love In The Time Of Monsters in this issue as well. It's great, and definitely worth the read.

As I mentioned up top, we really appreciate you all following us here on the blog and elsewhere on the internet. When we started this crazy adventure over 4 years ago, we had no idea how far it would go. It certainly would have never gotten to this point without your help!  Please continue to spread the good Monsters word amongst your friends, and thanks again!

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