Summer Review Roundup

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It's time for one of my favorite features on the blog, the review roundup! It's where we show off some of the fun, awesome things people have been saying about Love In The Time Of Monsters all over the world.  It never ceases to amaze me that people take the time to find and talk about our small film and say (mostly) nice things!

There are some really great reviews ahead, but as always look out for some spoilers if you haven't seen the movie already. And if you haven't, you should: With Halloween right around the corner, there's never been a better time, and all these fine folks can't be wrong, right?

John's Horror Corner - "Love in the Time of Monsters sweeps horror fans away to a land of laughter...This B-movie gets a solid A+."

CHUD - "Love in the Time of Monsters is a throwback featuring nods to films like Tremors and Evil Dead 2 to Alien and Cabin Fever. Give it a shot, it’s worth seeing."

Keith Loves Movies - "8/10, Love in the Time of Monsters is a fun and entertaining film that both amateur and die-hard horror fans will enjoy."

UKHorrorScene - "Love in the Time of Monsters is definitely one to own and one to share with friends."

Sinful Celluloid - "I enjoyed the unique storyline and the laughs it brought.  For some playful horror watch Love in the Time of Monsters."

Cultjer - "It truly does feel like a movie that could have been made in the 80's and only newly discovered today. It's like an orgasm for my warped brain...I'd watch it again in heartbeat."

What I'm Watching  - "The final attack may be the single greatest thing I've ever seen for its sheer level of WTF."  "This is a good movie… telling a wildly entertaining, charming, funny, and bloody good story.  I absolutely loved this movie."

Positivelynatalie - "Love in the Time of Monsters is campy horror at its finest – Anchored by skilled veteran actors, punctuated by snappy dialogue, and propelled forward on continuous waves of gore."

Undead Review - "full of equal parts hilarity and terror, making for the perfect balance... Love in the Time of Monsters is a strange, hilarious, and yet still chilling film that I would highly recommend."

AS AN ADDED BONUS, I'm putting this review/recap of the movie done by youtube user moviemac. He actually took the time to animate the entire story of the film using stick figures! I absolutely love this, but be prepared to have pretty much the whole movie ruined for you upon viewing.

Things are chugging along nicely on the good ship Monsters. There's always new news to pass along, so we encourage you all to follow along on our Facebook, twitter and youtube pages! Thanks for all your continued support.

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