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Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! Mike (fittingly) went as a zombie lumberjack:


Matt as the (Marvel deep cut) Kate Bishop (also starring the fabulous Katrina):


and I went as a (Two) Guitar Hero:


Another fun thing that happened over the weekend was a bunch of new reviews about Love In The Time Of Monsters went up. The best thing of all? They were uniformly positive! I gotta tell ya, it's great to see the horror and movie community really starting to respond to the film.

In addition, we've been able to sit down and do some podcast interviews.  Here's some highlights:

A really fun chat with the folks at Don't Split Up! Matt, Mike, Gena and Marissa talk about all the aspects of making LitToM, in hilarious fashion. Podcast Link

GoodTrash GenreCast speaks with Matt about the film, then does an in depth review of the themes contained therein. Very cool! Podcast Link

Thefilmroom talks all things Monsters with Matt (I'm sensing a theme here). Podcast Link

The guys over at Necrocasticon had mixed feelings about the film, but boy did they feel sorry once Matt and Mike brought the knowledge in the interview portion! (Review starts at 56:15, Interview at 1:04:30)  Podcast Link

And last but not least, here's a video podcast from the ConsoleExplosion starring Matt and myself. We talk everything from Star Wars to Street Fighter. Video Link (And if you can't stand watching us, here's the audio version)

I figure these should last you until  at least Thanksgiving, right?  But if you run out of things to listen to, you can always find us over on Facebook and Twitter, keeping the updates coming. Till next time!


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