One Year Anniversary!

Can you believe it's been one year since Love In The Time Of Monsters was released in North America? (I know we've received a lot of questions about release in other territories, please stay tuned for some news on that front!)

A lot has happened since last February:

*The film received a lot of awesome reviews!

*We participated in a bunch of podcasts!

*There was a signing event in Burbank with Doug Jones and the rest of the cast and crew!


*We appeared in theaters all across the country (as part of the movie Trainwreck)!

*Lots of social media interactions, with people live-tweeting the film and other fun adventures!

It's been an exciting year, and 2016 is shaping to be just as interesting. We've got the aforementioned international experience coming up, as well as some other fun surprises, so stay tuned!

As an extra bonus, I just uncovered some never-before-seen behind the scenes footage, shot by Meng Lo, one of our extras on the film. It concerns the famous (or infamous) filming of the final battle montage. If you look closely, you can see and hear director Matt  Jackson tormenting the actors (in this case, Marissa Skell).  Brings back some memories!



This whole experience has been such a wild adventure. Thanks for sticking with us as we barrel forward into the future; we certainly couldn't have gotten this far without you. And if you haven't purchased the movie yet, what are you waiting for? 🙂 Check out all your options here.

Also, remember to find us on Facebook, twitter, and youtube for all the news and updates you can handle. See ya next time!


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  1. My Daughter, Allison Vanore, actually PRODUCED your film and I don’t see her name or picture here!! Just Kidding!…..Good JOB! I am so proud of all of you! What a FUN time seeing the film in NJ last year when it aired at the Monmouth Mall Cinema!! Wahoo! And It was great to see you again, Alumni of U of A Tucson ! You are all SO Talented I expect to see all of your names in Lights in the very near future!! GOOD LUCK!! LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS!!

    • Andy G.

      Thanks Ginny! Tell your talented daughter to be less busy and be in more of our pictures 🙂

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