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Hope you all are enjoying what's left of your summer!  What better way to spend the last fleeting moments than with some Love In The Time Of Monsters?  Well you are in luck, because we've got a screening coming up a week from tonight at the wonderful Arcata Theatre Lounge in -you guessed it- Arcata, CA!

Photo of the Arcata Theater Lounge sign for Ocean Night

This historic Art Deco theater opened up in 1938, and has been reborn as a unique theater  experience. We'll be playing as part of their Sci Fi Night, so if you buy $5 in food or drink, it's FREE!  Q&A with cast and crew to follow.


When: Wednesday, August 31st @ 7pm (Doors at 6pm)

Where: Arcata Theatre Lounge, 1036 G St, Arcata, CA 95521

Cost: FREE (With $5 Food Or Drink Purchase)

Full Details Here

Don't miss this chance to see Love In The Time Of Monsters in a historic, unique venue.  Special thanks to Monte and everyone at the ATL for their help getting this together.

Stay tuned for more screening news coming up in the next month! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, twitter, and youtube for all the updates.

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  1. Fantastic! Not sure we can make it, but great to hear you’re in the area. Would like to talk to you about the sasqWAH painting (that was in the movie); we’re looking into raffling it, with all proceeds to go to Northcoast Environmental Center in Arcata, and thought you might be interested in doing some co-advertising or getting involved. Also, will you be re-screening in Crescent City at any time in the future?
    thanks so much,
    (return my email, and I can give you my contact info).

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