Emmys, HBO, Capital One, and Fallout, Oh My!

Hope you are all having a wonderful and fun summer so far! One of the major upsides of having a super-talented cast and crew on Love In The Time Of Monsters is that they keep doing amazing things! Here's an update on what some of the folks from the movie have been up to:

-Our art director, Chloe Arbiture, just got nominated for an Emmy in Production Design! We could not be more proud of her accomplishments... Remember when she was part of the 'Adorable Episode' of our behind the scenes video blog?


-Hugo Armstrong (Chester) appears in the new HBO show Room 104 (From the Duplass Brothers!). Will he kill Hitler? Check him out in the trailer! (at approx. 1:20):


-You may have seen Gena Shaw (Marla) on your TV for the past few months, playing opposite Jennifer Garner in this Capital One commercial (And this is exactly what it's like to have coffee with her 🙂


-Not to be left out, Marissa Skell (Carla) appeared in a short film based on the very popular video game, Fallout 4. There will be blood:


In addition to all these appearances, we hope you had a chance to catch Joe Fria (Dad) in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 earlier this summer as well. He was awesome, and may or may not have gotten shot out into space...

Joe Fria as Oblo the Ravager


You never know where our talented cast and crew will show up next! Stay tuned to the blog for more Love In The Time Of Monsters updates, and don't forget to find us on Facebook and Twitter, where we will be dropping some news soon, including about some screenings coming up in the fall!

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