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Some great new news for fans of Love In The Time Of Monsters! The movie has made an appearance on the Roku app on-you guessed it-Roku streaming devices. This is big news, because it's the first time the film has been available for free on a streaming site! There are even commercial breaks... I know they are annoying, but won't it be interesting to see what they decide to advertise next to toxic Bigfoot monsters?


Love In The Time Of Monsters Roku App

There we are, next to AAH! ZOMBIES! and below Robocop and Agent Cody Banks. RIGHT WHERE WE BELONG. 

To get to the movie, log in to the Roku app, scroll down to the Horror tab, then scroll over until you see our icon.  Now is your chance to watch the movie again, and tell all your friends who have been holding out on buying it to watch! Any views can only help us get onto some more premiere streaming services in the future.

Beyond that, Love In The Time Of Monsters has also appeared on Redbox Streaming:

Love In The Time Of Monsters Redbox

So there you go: some new options to watch the movie on the good ole internet. If you are looking for some others, please check out the Watch tab at the top of the page.  Let us know when you check out the movie!

Thanks for all the support over the years! Please keep your eyes on the blog, Facebook and Twitter for any future updates.

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    I am so glad this movie is on Roku streaming! I think this movie is hilarious and now I am able to tell everyone that I know who wants to have a Laugh out Loud moment to go watch to on Roku!!!

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