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Ithaca is Gorges and also now has Monsters there too

More good news, everybody - Love in the Time of Monsters is now scheduled for yet another theatrical screening, this time in my hometown of Ithaca, New York. Through the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival (and with a little love from Cornell Cinema), Love in the Time of Monsters is going to play during a…
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Distribution Date Confirmed, and a Trailer Too!

Big News, everyone - we are very happy to announce that Love in the Time of Monsters is scheduled for domestic distribution on February 17th, 2015! That means any American can click through iTunes, peep their local Redbox, or possibly even cruise down to the nearest Walmart and pick themselves up a copy of Love in the…
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Manhattan Monsters A-Go-Go

Happy 2015, everyone!   Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's.  Back on the LitToM side of things, we've got a couple of great pieces of news for you ... First off, the Manhattan Premiere of Love in the Time of Monsters has officially been confirmed through Tugg!  We're incredibly grateful to everyone who…
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‘Tis the Season For Some Screamin’

Thanks to some spirited li'l Elves, Love in the Time of Monsters has officially started it's Manhattan promotional campaign! Check out these nifty poster folks who are themselves checking out our PsychoMonkey!  She and also he must be excited for our One Night Only Manhattan Premiere on January 7th. Buy your tickets now using this…
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