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Through the Monster Lense

Love in the Time of Monsters from Jorge Urbina's perspective - Brandi's Death   [youtube]
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The First Footage, MonsterVision, and a Gokee

It's been a while since I've posted, since there's been hardly anything going on on my end in regards to Love in the Time of Monsters.  Matt, Andy, Allison, and Rob have been knocking out logistics and finances and it's amazing to watch them work so I let them do just that. That's since changed…
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LitToM Update: Livecasting Kane Hodder

You'd never guess the horrors that come out of a certain quiet, unassuming suburban neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley.  Up against the rolling hills of Northern Los Angeles County is the home of Rob Pendergraft's studio:  Aunt Dolly's Garage.  It was here, with enough gore and body parts to make a soccer mom blush,…
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