The Story


Love In The Time Of Monsters will take you on a horrifying, hilarious trip through the backwoods of the Pacific Northwest, as two sisters battle murderous, toxic-waste ravaged monsters to save the ones they love.

As children, Marla (Gena Shaw) and Carla (Marissa Skell) lost their father in a horrific accident at a roadside attraction. Fifteen years later, the girls find themselves in a similarly lethal tourist trap after Carla’s fiancé Johnny and the other costumed employees of the ultra-kitschy “Uncle Slavko's All-American Family Lodge” are exposed to a super-cocktail of toxic waste and are transformed into primal, psychotic killers – dressed as Bigfoot. Now, the sisters must fight to survive the night and save Johnny’s life in a jaw-dropping, spine-ripping, gut-busting, heart-warming tale of Love in the Time of Monsters.

The History

When we set about making Love In The Time Of Monsters, it was with a simple goal in mind: to make the most awesome love letter to the movies that we loved so much while we were growing up.  We wanted something with that was as big on crazy action as it was on heart, that’s fun to watch over and over again.  And we promise that you’ve never seen another movie quite like it.

Love In The Time Of Monsters is a truly independent film that was an epic adventure in the making. We started Uncle Slavko's Fun Time Blog back in January of 2011 so we could chronicle our filmmaking adventures from the script stage to distribution and beyond; feel free to search the archives with the search box on the top right if you want to go through it.

Director Matt Jackson has also begun a series of posts going through the history of the project piece by piece. If you want to know the down and dirty details of making a movie, read these:

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We'll keep updating these as he writes them, so check back soon!