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Top 10 Horror/Comedies Of The 21st Century - Horror Freak News

"Love in the Time of Monsters absolutely kills it!  If the idea of a zombified Kane Hodder in a Bigfoot costume shooting electricity from his fingertips intrigues you, add this one to your must-watch list’s got “Cult Classic” written all over it, delivering quite a few lol moments."

Top 10 Bigfoot Movies Of The 21st Century - Dread Central

"In addition to being fucking hysterical, Love in the Time of Monsters is smart and endearing with characters who actually become less two-dimentional as the film progresses. Best of all, you don’t have to be a fan of Bigfoot movies to dig this sleeper—or is it a future cult classic?"

Review - Dread Central

“…an incredibly funny, rich, and ultimately entertaining movie with enough heart to keep you hooked till the end. This is a movie you can show at parties, watch with friends, or watch by yourself – all with equally enjoyable results.”

“I don’t see anyone but killjoys and psychopaths having a bad time watching it.”

Review - Ain't It Cool News

“LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS is one of the few horror comedies that succeeds in doling out equal parts grisly gore and unconventional laughs.”


"...a film able to mix comedy, horror, fun, and gore in a way that is as rare to find as Bigfoot itself.”


"Fun gross stuff that should not be missed by fans of EVIL DEAD II and other gory comedies.”