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Scenes From Cinequest, Day 6-7

Once the excitement died down after our screenings over the weekend, Matt and I were left to our own devices. Usually this a dangerous situation, but luckily there were plenty of other films and events to see. Cinequest does a really good job of keeping the parties/events coming at you, so you never get bored…
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Scenes From Cinequest, Day 4

Monday involved seeing a lot of great films and screening Love In The Time Of Monsters in the evening. We also got a chance to check out the San Jose State campus, and even eat at the famous Psycho Donuts Shop. (Official donut shop of Psycho Monkeys!) This place has donuts with all kinds of things…
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Scenes From Cinequest, Day 1

We arrived yesterday in downtown San Jose for the 24th annual Cinequest Film Festival!    It was a great trip up, and we had fun settling in last night. It's all so close together and well organized! Here's some photos from the trip, etc. Stay tuned for more as we get ready for the official World Premiere…
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