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Where Did That Year Go?

Precisely one year ago today, we packed everybody and everything into two RVs and began the trek back down to LA.  We had completed the 3 week Northern California adventure known as principal photography, and we were ready to head home!  I remember driving most of the way back, and being totally "in the zone";…
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Back To The Future

Going through the interwebs the other day, I came upon an awesome video of Scotty Fields, half of our (super, amazing, fantastic!) SFX team, Blood Bros.  If you've ever met Scotty, you'll find that he's extremely talented, creative, and has one of the best laughs you will ever hear.  Truly a one of a kind…
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A Tale Of Two Days

And after a long trip north and 3 wicked cool but long days, we had our first day off today. While the official Love In The Time of Monsters mascot Dave rested with his bros: Scotty and Carrie worked long into the night on SFX things for the week: I'm so happy with how everything is turning…
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