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Get Your Color On

Spent an awesome morning checking out the color mix for Love In The Time Of Monsters.  I'm not going to lie, I've been waiting for this moment for almost a year-and it did not disappoint!! The picture looked absolutely stunning, and seeing all the VFX mixed in was just awesome. Sean at Alphadogs did a great…
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So What’s Left?

As we get ever-so-close to the finish line with Love In The Time Of Monsters, I've been getting asked this question a lot: "What's left?" Great question! Let me break it down for you: Right now we've got a couple different post production activities all happening at once: Color Timing- Our pals at Alpha Dogs…
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The New Year That Was

Woah, where did that month go?  It's seems like just yesterday that I reported we picture locked Love In The Time Of Monsters, now it's already 2013! Even though the key members of the LiToM took a little holiday blog break, we stayed busy working (in between food, family, and presents of course).  Post Production continues…
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