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Ancient History 101: Revisiting the Road Thus Far

Between the fancy new website and the eminent release of Love in the Time of Monsters on DVD, I thought it might be a good time to revisit the our humble beginnings.  So, in the words of Deckard Cain, "Stay a while and listen…"

Everything worthwhile started in June 2008.  Andy and...

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How to Become a Director

Someone asked this question a couple of weeks ago at our first TUGG screening and I did a terrible job answering it.  I can blame it on the excitement of the screening (it went extremely well!) or being my own MC for the QnA (always a bad idea), but none of that blame helped...

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Interviews Up The Wazoo

I'm still trying to figure out if that subject line rhymes... As part of the continuing Cinequest build up (only a few weeks away now!) a couple of really neat interviews with key cast and crew members of Love In The Time Of Monsters have shown up online. This batch comes from an...
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From Concept to Reality, The Evolution of Slavko’s

One of the most exciting things about filmmaking is taking ideas and turning them into reality (or close to it at least).  Taking words on a page and actualizing them is a fun (and arduous) process and nothing quite exemplifies it quite like our main location:  Uncle Slavko's All-American Family Lodge. From it's inception, Slavko's was...
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