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A Look Back

Happy New Year Everybody!  Hope you had a great holiday and had chance to reflect on the accomplishments and events of 2011.  With that in mind, I dug through the Love In The Time Of Monsters archives and pulled out some big blog posts from the first year of the blog.  Without further adieu here...
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Dollars And Sense

As we get closer to the actual production of Love in the Time of Monsters, the hypothetical starts to fade away and the practical rears it's head. What do you do when you have x amount of money to do something and you need y amount to do it well?  You have two options: Option A:...
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Better Filmmaking Through Bad Movies

Get to the point, you're boring me. How's that for a meta beginning? In all seriousness, pacing is the downfall of the vast majority of independent films.  We've all seen it (assuming you've seen an independent movie), that aching long pan, or that reaction shot that just sits there, or just that lingering walking shot that seems...
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The Pastiche Trap

Do you remember Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow?  The Jude Law movie from 2004 that was ground-breaking in that it was all shot on green screen?  The one with the awesome, retro cool designs? [caption id="attachment_394" align="aligncenter" width="201" caption="Yeah. That's the one."][/caption] It's terrible. ...
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