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3 Shades Of Day (Left)

Happy Valentine's Day to all you movie fans out there!  Just because it's a holiday doesn't mean we are stopping with the Love In The Time Of Monsters updates, which is now only 3 days away from release! Did you see the first ever Doug Jones/Love In The Time Of Monsters gif (that we know of) in…
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Friday The 13th

I was looking at our blog "hits" over the last week, and I noticed we had a HUGE jump this last Friday. We were getting hits from all over the world, en masse.  I couldn't figure it out, because we hadn't posted in a couple of days, but then I looked at the (in)famous search…
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You know all those big developments we've been teasing over the past few weeks?  The crazy big stuff that we haven't been able to tell y'all about yet, but have been dying to?  Well, the wait is over!  We here at Love in the Time of Monsters are proud to introduce to you our first…
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