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One Month In

Personally I can't believe it's been one month since the release of Love In The Time Of Monsters. It's fascinating to watch the random places it pops up and how people have been reacting to it.  So far the responses have been pretty positive, save for a few random internet haters (what did Uncle Slavko ever do to…
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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody!  2013 was our biggest year ever at the good ship Love In The Time Of Monsters!  All told, we've had about 50,000 blog views, 25,000+ trailer views, over 850 Facebook fans and last but not least, 500 or so blog subscribers.  That's a whole lot of support for a small movie like ours,…
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Back when I was first using the World Wide Web (as we used to call it in the 90's) in my high school's library, I remember being intrigued, but not completely sold on it.  I had been using a modem to access Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes) for a couple of years, and beyond the graphics,…
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