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The Day Before

We're only ONE day away from Love In The Time Of Monsters release armageddon. WOOOOOOO! Are you ready for awesome babes, studly guys, love triangles, and mutant dudes in big foot suits? I HOPE SO, because it's coming for you tomorrow whether you like it or not! As you longtime blog readers know, it has been an epic…
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We’re Going to Comic Con!

It's going to be a big week for us.  In case you haven't heard, Andy and I (With the illustrious Jeff Turner in Tow) are headed to San Diego this weekend for the annual geek love fest that is the San Diego Comic Con and holy man am I excited! As a giant geek, I've…
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We've been hinting around at it for a month now, but the cat is finally out of the bag. Love In The Time Of Monsters has domestic distribution!  What does that mean exactly?  It means you will be seeing the film at a screen near you!  We're so proud to be partnering with Indican Pictures to unleash…
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