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New Release Poster

As we get closer to our release date on Feb 17th (less than a month away!), you're going to start seeing this brand spanking new poster popping up:       Why the new poster? Well it's got: Monsters! Babes! Hunky dudes! Lightning! Guns! Everything you'd need to catch the eye of someone cruising the aisles at their local Walmart,…
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Zombies and Bigfoots At Cinequest, Oh My!

We couldn't be more excited for our World Premiere coming up this Saturday at Cinequest in San Jose!  Join us for the movie, meet the cast and crew, and get some swag signed! Let us know if you're planning on hanging with us at the Premiere or any of our other screenings. You can purchase…
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Highlights From SCI FI Mag Feature

Hope you all got a chance to go out and get your copy of SCI FI magazine, featuring your favorite horror/comedy Love In The Time Of Monsters!  First of all, I'd like to clarify that contrary to popular belief, that is NOT me on the cover of the magazine: [caption id="attachment_2237" align="aligncenter" width="600"] I was too…
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