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The Store is OPEN

We are excited to announce the opening of our official Love In The Time Of Monsters store!  Ever since we unleashed Uncle Slavko onto the world, people have been asking where they can buy T-shirts, posters, etc.  Now you have a chance! Check the shop out on the home page, or you can go directly there via this…
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New Release Poster

As we get closer to our release date on Feb 17th (less than a month away!), you're going to start seeing this brand spanking new poster popping up:       Why the new poster? Well it's got: Monsters! Babes! Hunky dudes! Lightning! Guns! Everything you'd need to catch the eye of someone cruising the aisles at their local Walmart,…
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Devil’s Due Trailer

Big News! Fox just released the trailer for Devil's Due, the first major motion picture by our friends over at Radio Silence.  By the look of things, they done good! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjo7iO6Ghtg Congrats guys, it's been awesome to follow you on your journey, from V/H/S to Sundance and beyond.  I have no doubt this is just…
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