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Now With More Logos

As Matt and I sat to watch one of the pre-sound mix sessions for Love In The Time Of Monsters, Matt took it upon himself to shoot a short "vine" video of the experience.  Check out the small sample of the score, and the glimpse of our front title logo: (Click on the image to see…
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So What’s Left?

As we get ever-so-close to the finish line with Love In The Time Of Monsters, I've been getting asked this question a lot: "What's left?" Great question! Let me break it down for you: Right now we've got a couple different post production activities all happening at once: Color Timing- Our pals at Alpha Dogs…
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The New Year That Was

Woah, where did that month go?  It's seems like just yesterday that I reported we picture locked Love In The Time Of Monsters, now it's already 2013! Even though the key members of the LiToM took a little holiday blog break, we stayed busy working (in between food, family, and presents of course).  Post Production continues…
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